Six elements of selecting toilet

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Select six elements of toilet

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① look inside

in order to save costs, many toilet manufacturers work inside the toilet. Some toilets have no glaze in the water return bend, while others use sealing pads with small elasticity and poor sealing performance. Such a toilet is easy to be blocked due to scaling and easy to leak. Therefore, when buying, you should reach into the dirt hole in the toilet and touch whether it is smooth inside. What feels smooth is glazed, while what feels rough is unglazed. The sealing gasket shall be made of rubber cotton or foamed plastic, with large elasticity and good sealing performance

② touch the surface

the glaze and body of the surface of the high-end toilet are relatively fine, without ripple, crystal color, pinprick or impurities, and the surface will not feel uneven when touched by hand. Because the flatness of the pool wall directly affects the cleaning of the toilet, the smoother and finer the pool wall is, the less likely it is to be contaminated. The glaze of medium and low-grade toilet is relatively dark. Under the light, pores will be found, and the glaze and body are relatively rough

③ whether there is cracking

gently tap the edge of the porcelain with a thin rod to hear whether the sound is clear. When there is a "hoarse" sound, it proves that the porcelain has cracks

④ it is necessary to know the drainage of the toilet

the state stipulates the use of toilets less than 6 liters. At present, most toilets on the market are 6 liters. Many manufacturers have also launched toilets with separate size and size. There are two flushing water options: 3 liters and 6 liters. This design is more conducive to water conservation. In addition, some manufacturers have launched 4.5 liter ones. When users choose, they'd better do a flushing experiment, because the amount of water will affect the use effect

⑤ in addition, the water tank accessories of the toilet are easy to be ignored. In fact, the water tank accessories are like the heart of the toilet, which is more likely to cause quality problems

when purchasing, pay attention to the accessories with good quality, low water injection noise, durability, and withstand long-term immersion in water without corrosion and scale

⑥ if the toilet drainage pipe has S-bend (such as the case of changing squatting pan to sitting pan), try to choose direct flush toilet





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