Problems needing attention in decoration in early

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Winter goes and spring comes. What should we pay attention to in the early spring of room decoration? Temperature and humidity of wood: in early spring decoration, the influence of season on wood is mainly reflected in temperature and humidity. Low temperature or too dry will cause adverse reactions of wood, causing wood curling and even cracking. Take white beech and maple for example, the storage temperature should be within the range of 16 ℃ - 18 ℃. As the climate is relatively dry, when the humidity is low, ventilation can be reduced, and a basin of water can be placed near the heating facilities to promote its evaporation. In this way, the wood can survive this cold period. Waterproof cannot be ignored: Waterproof problems are mainly concentrated in the sewage and pipe orifice positions of kitchens, bathrooms and bathrooms. In this special season, the kitchen, bathroom and bathroom are usually not the focus of heating, so the room temperature is generally low. If the waterproof measures are not appropriate, the formation of extravasation, wet and cold living space will bring a lot of inconvenience





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