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In life, we can see that the door orientation or door design of each household will be different. Now let's take a look at the feng shui of the decoration middle door

Feng Shui of the middle door in decoration

Feng Shui function of the middle door in home decoration

(I) open the left door: in Feng Shui, it is auspicious to have a bright hall in front of the door. If there is green land, flat land, pool, parking lot, etc. in front, open the middle door is the first choice. If there is no bright hall ahead, it is better to open on the left. In other words, most doors should be opened from the left: the so-called left Green Dragon and right white tiger. The green dragon should move on the left, and the white tiger should be quiet on the right. Therefore, all doors should be opened from the left, that is to say, people should open from the inside to the outside, and the door handle should be set on the left. If the door is opened upside down, it will easily lead to family disputes. The north gate is called Xuanwu Gate, which is even more unlucky. It is called ghost gate in foreign countries, and there are also “ Defeat ” Meaning, so you must be careful to open the north gate at home

(II) when installing the gate, it must be clear whether the wood grain is clockwise or counterclockwise. Usually, the lines from bottom to top are straight lines, and the lines from top to bottom are reverse lines. The smooth door makes the house peaceful and smooth, while the reverse door may make the house repeatedly changeable and unsmooth

(III) the height of the door should be in proportion. Usually seven feet is the standard. Too high a door will make people lose their sense, greedy, vain, and sinister. The door that is too low and too small is blocked, Pepsi is not smooth, and prosperity cannot enter, which may make people lose confidence in doing things or cause many setbacks

(IV) the door should not be directly opposite to the elevator: the door of the building should not be directly opposite to the elevator door, which is detrimental to wealth and wealth, and residents are prone to disease

(V) the door cannot face the window, back door or toilet in a straight line: the door and window are the openings for Li Qi to enter and leave the house. The door cannot be connected with the window and back door in a straight line to form the front and rear doors, so that Li Qi can go straight out of the hall and cannot gather in the house. Therefore, wealth cannot be gathered, so it is called returning wealth. The toilet is a space for people to excrete, which is not clean in nature, so the door should not be directly facing the toilet. The door directly facing the toilet will make financial investment mistakes and damage the wealth of the family

(VI) hallways should be set in the gate and living room: Feng Shui key “ Like whirling, avoid straight ”. The gate and living room are equipped with a porch or a low cabinet shelter, so that there is a buffer inside and outside. After the Qi can be rotated, it gathers in the living room. The interior of the house is also hidden, and it is not easy to peek outside. The interior of the house is hidden, symbolizing the continuation of good fortune

(VII) the outer gate, the inner gate, the inner gate, etc. cannot be in the same straight line, which is the heart piercing brake. If the front and back doors pass through each other, the Lord's wealth cannot be gathered. In addition, the direct access to the gate will cause a lot of trouble. If there are several rooms connected in the house, it is forbidden to set several doors that lead directly from the gate to the end. It is also forbidden to connect a row of rooms with a long corridor like a hotel. Otherwise, it is easy to have an affair or elopement, and it is difficult to ensure the safety of the home

(VIII) two or more colors are not allowed on an independent door, otherwise, it will have a diffuse and repetitive effect

(IX) try to avoid arched doors in the house. The circle represents movement, and the home should be quiet, so it is greatly inappropriate. Moreover, the round arch also looks like a tomb gate, which is very unlucky. If it is beautiful, square arch can be used instead

(x) the gate should be opened inward rather than outward. Because the door owner is air intake, if the door is opened outwards, it will send the air of peace in the house. This owner is unlucky and broke his fortune

(XI) the way of the door: the gate is the mouth of the house to receive gas. It should be clean and bright, and it is not suitable to pile up sundries, so as not to hinder luck. We should avoid two doors facing each other or overlapping and parallel, otherwise it will damage health, career and family peace; If two doors bite each other, family members will often quarrel. If you open the door to the wall or see the activities in another room, it will disturb the circulation of Qi in the human body and cause physical discomfort. Large rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms should open the door, and small rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens should open the small door. Because the door will have a certain oppressive effect on the small door. If the door of the bathroom is too large, there will be health and character problems, and the family will suffer from indigestion

design of door orientation in Feng Shui decoration

design of door:

the door is the mouth of residential gas, which should be clean and bright, and should not accumulate sundries, so as not to hinder gas transportation. The two doors can be directly opposite to each other, but they should not be overlapped. The overlapped and parallel doors should be avoided. The two doors are opposite, and the design is slightly different, which will damage the health cause and family peace. If two doors bite each other, family members will often quarrel. If people often face the open door to the wall or can see another room from a distance, it will disturb the circulation of Qi in the human body. The big room should open the door, such as bedroom, living room or guest room, and the small room should open the small door, such as bathroom or kitchen, because the door will press the small door. If the door of the bathroom is too large, health and character problems will occur, and the family will suffer from indigestion

orientation of the door: the orientation of the door is conducive to the determination of fate. Based on the octagonal I Ching symbol, the door faces eight possible directions, all of which have different luck. The gate to the north makes business prosperous, the gate to the south is easy to become famous, the gate to the East makes family life good, the gate to the west is shady and descendants, the gate to the Northeast represents intellectual and academic achievements, the gate to the northwest is conducive to outward development, the gate to the southeast is conducive to wealth, and the gate to the southwest is happy to have a spouse

the door is unfavorable to the tiger's head: the door of an office or store cannot directly face the tiger's head or chimney. The so-called "tiger's head" refers to the sharp corner of another building or a special building. If the door or main window happens to be opposite the positive corner or prominent building, it is like being opposite a sharp knife, which is of course very unfavorable

the door leads to the end. There are many trouble: if there are several rooms connected in the house, it is forbidden to set several doors leading to the end from the door. It is also forbidden to connect a row of rooms with a long corridor like a hotel. Otherwise, it is the same intention to have an affair or elopement, and it is difficult to be safe. And the gate and the back door cannot be worn together, that is, they cannot be in a straight line. The front and rear doors are worn by the township, and the main wealth cannot be gathered. (solution: close the back door)

there are many taboos at the door of the office: the door cannot face the big tree. If the big tree is in the mouth of the door, it will bring in excessive Yin Qi. The gate cannot face the dead end, fire lane or triangular street, which are places with bad gas or heavy waste gas. The gate cannot face temples, temples and the like, because they have dignified Yin Qi, which has a bad impact on business. The gate can't face a big mountain or the gorge of a mountain. The mountain hinders the view, and the gorge is like a trap. It's certainly not good to face traps often

the door of the store (residential door) should not be too narrow: the door of the store should be large rather than small. If the door is too narrow, it will make people feel oppressive and difficult to absorb wealth and anger. In geomantic omen, the gate is an air vent, which cannot be too narrow. The wider the gate is, the more auspicious it is. The front door of the house is wide. In Feng Shui, it is called Mingtang open, which is mainly for promotion and wealth

the door is opened in longbian (left): the best so-called "longbian" is on the left. The door of the store is opened in longbian. Business will be prosperous and prosperous. As for the shops whose whole facade is a gate, the access channel should be set at the "dragon side", which will be prosperous. Its effect is the same as that of opening the gate at the "dragon side"

inclined door: the door on the inclined line or under the inclined ceiling. The inclined door will destroy good feng shui and bring unimaginable accidents

facing the chimney, the door should always be closed: what the chimney emits is dirty gas and exhaust gas, which is also equivalent to gas decay. If the door or main window faces the chimney, if gas decay and dead gas are included, it is unlucky and unfavorable, and it is naturally expected

glass curtain wall disintegration evil spirit: glass curtain wall is the most contemporary new initiative in the construction industry. Its advantage is to reflect the disadvantages of the other side in the past and try to dissolve the evil spirit of the other side into invisibility

it is difficult to find peace in a house with four transparent (glass curtain walls): the building structure with four transparent glass curtain is not suitable for those who want to live in peace and health, otherwise they are prone to have an affair or elopement due to the violation of the "leakage" formula and the lack of privacy

the door direction is well matched with the floor mat, and it is suitable to be prosperous and prosperous: placing a floor mat in front of the house will also have a certain impact on Feng Shui. The impact comes from the different color of the floor mat. The following is illustrated by the eight door directions, which must be matched with the floor mat color:

* the door faces east and Northeast -- with the black floor mat

* the door faces south and Southeast -- with green floor mats

* the door faces the West and Southwest -- with the yellow floor mat

* the door faces north and Northwest -- with milky white floor mats

the elevator door has great influence on the house: the elevator door is opposite the house door, which is not conducive to wealth. However, if the elevator door is located in the west, it is good in bad. The bad thing is that it may bring accidental injury, and the good thing is that it may bring more wealth

Feng Shui in the door of home decoration

the relationship between career and door orientation

the door is the door to breathe and accept gas in the house. The book says: it is appropriate to open auspicious side and prosperous side. The choice of door orientation plays a decisive role in home feng shui. The orientation of the gate also plays an important role in the occupation of the homeowner. Doors with different orientations have different symbols, which are suitable for people of different occupations

generally speaking, “ Northeast “ And “ Southwest ” These two directions are usually closed, but which one is suitable for you and conducive to the development of your career? Generally speaking, East and south directions are better

the main gate faces east

represents: the sun rises in the East and the rising sun rises in the East, symbolizing vitality

suitable for people: suitable for businesses

the main gate is facing south

representatives: take the north as the main, and the South as the minister

suitable for: politicians, entrepreneurs, religious experts, rich businessmen, celebrities, etc

although the East and south directions of the front door are more suitable, it still needs to cooperate with the owner's life magnetic field when setting the direction of the door. If the owner's life magnet repels to the east or south, that is, the east or south is the evil side of the original life in the life grid. Although the East and South are the auspicious positions of many people, it is still not suitable to open the front door in these two directions

the geographical environment affects the direction of opening the door

the flow direction of water source affects the direction of opening the door

the so-called water is wealth, and the gate is an important gateway to gather wealth and fortune. The flow direction of water in the geographical environment deeply affects the direction of opening the door, so it is described as follows:

open the middle door

for example, in front of the house is a lake, sea, Sichuan, river, river, pond, marsh, and there is water flow or moisture accumulation. In this case, be frank. However, if the terrain is very flat, not inclined or hillside, and there is no high and low relief nearby, the middle door should be opened

open the Longmen

the water flows from the tiger side to the Dragon side, that is, the right side of the terrain is higher than the left (standing at home looking out), and the water or air flow moves from the right to the left, so the geographical situation is suitable for opening the Longmen

open the tiger door

water flows from the Dragon side to the tiger side, that is, the left side of the terrain is higher than the right, and the water or air flow of the river or road flows to the left and right. Such a house is suitable for opening the tiger door





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