Decoration design cannot be applied mechanically

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Some people are eager to move in after they have new houses. He hurried to find a decoration company and asked the other party to hand over the work as soon as possible. As for the design of rooms and the selection of decorative materials, these householders prefer to "learn from" other homes and refer to their decoration styles. Experts remind that people who like to "learn" from others' homes before decoration will end up with messy and unsystematic decoration styles

before decoration, the owner should have a clear idea of the decoration style of the room, the decoration materials used, the selection and approximate placement of furniture, as well as the decoration budget. Blindly "learning" from others' homes, without overall consideration of room decoration, furniture often does not conform to the decorative style. At the same time, it is forbidden to adopt a decorative style and use the same decorative materials in all rooms. Doing so can only make the room appear to lack interest and change

also, decoration cannot be separated from cultural background. Copying other people's decorative techniques often only "draw a tiger but not a dog". If the room is in western style, but equipped with a Taishi chair, it will be very disharmonious. Cannot be divorced from the external environment. If the outside of the room is very noisy and messy, the interior decoration should be concise; If the room is shaded, avoid dark colors when decorating




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