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Every family should have the space to taste delicious food, but we are still full of longing for the restaurants outside. The main thing is that we like the romantic mood. Today, Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian recommends a group of small restaurant decoration renderings for you to play a new romantic way of eating and drinking

a rough tree root with a round glass becomes a dining table. If you don't see it, would you want to get such a restaurant decoration? The potted plants grown by adding antique flowerpots to the glass plate are full of interest and decorate the dining environment. The dining chair with simple shape adopts the way of hollowed out splicing, and the design of high backrest also ensures the comfortable effect, reflecting the owner's creative idea of small house decoration. When all this happens in front of the glass window, it becomes more warm. The glass window has become the protagonist of the restaurant's background wall. The sun shines on the table through the glass. Romantic sunshine catering in the decoration of small houses is not a problem

it is also a good choice to transform the location next to the staircase into a small restaurant layout. The white background wall of the restaurant has created a pure and clean dining environment, which makes us eat more healthily. A wall painting of green nature echoes with the bouquet of red flowers on the table, showing the beauty of nature in front of you, highlighting the fresh natural atmosphere. The card seat close to the background wall of the restaurant replaces the dining chair, matches the simple wooden dining table, and adds a white bench. In this way, the warm and quiet small restaurant is located in a corner of the home, which is practical and does not occupy too much space for small house decoration

in general, the decoration effect drawing of this small restaurant can be described as exquisite and elegant. A green butterfly wall painting decorates the loneliness of the white restaurant background wall, and flies the dancing elements in nature in the corner of the small house decoration, which is warm and beautiful. The wooden dining table is simple and simple. It is placed on the carpet with classical patterns, showing elegance in simplicity. The design of the kitchen bar on the opposite side is also matched with the decoration of the restaurant. When guests come at home, the bar and the decoration of the restaurant can be mixed. It's no problem to have a party here




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