Introduction to difficult decoration of bathroom

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Thin: floor decoration materials: from the perspective of occupying less space and reducing floor load, the thinner the better, such as marble plate, as long as the construction quality is high, it does not appear; "Hollow" phenomenon, then choose 6-8 mm thick. Curtains: thin curtains are very popular. The first reason is that high-rise buildings do not need to worry too much about outsiders' line of sight; Second, aluminum alloy windows have good sealing performance. Curtains are mainly decorative, supplemented by wind. ceiling; Taking thin as the principle can increase the safety factor and occupy less space at the same time

thick: in "soft decoration", thicker materials have texture, such as bedspread, sofa cushion, cushion, etc; Others lowered the height of the bed board and superimposed the new and old Simmons mattresses, highlighting the comfort and warmth of the bed. For a larger space, a thicker "platform" can be built to show the sense of hierarchy and regionality of the space, giving people an environmental atmosphere and enjoyment of "entering the house"

transparency: Aiming at the problem of insufficient indoor light, we can enhance the transparency between rooms and "borrow light" from each other. For example, the doors and partition walls of each room can be decorated with process glass. It is also best to install glass on the facade of furniture, so that eyes can penetrate and enhance the sense of depth of space

leakage: furniture, ceiling, dado, etc. with "leakage". As well as concealing the lighting source in the decorative objects such as the process glass of the roof ceiling, so that the light can leak out, which can increase the mystery of the room and improve the decoration grade

thin: today's home space is very much like a "short fat man", so it's best to wear a "vertical strip vest" in decoration. Therefore, use furniture with thin or vertical color blocks, and choose decorative cloth and curtains with vertical lines, which can highlight the vertical structure

wrinkle: home decoration, safety first, if there are old people and young children at home, the ground material should first choose the "non slip type" with "wrinkles". Secondly, smooth furniture and decorative materials have strong reflectivity, which is easy to fatigue eyes and psychology, while the "rough" surface with "wrinkles" has the beauty of texture, simplicity and strength, and also has the function of absorbing noise




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