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With thousands of people in the streets and hot stone lions -- Cohen appeared in the second "stone lion home decoration Festival" in Shangyu

on March 18, the second "stone lion home decoration Festival" in Shangyu was grandly opened. A total of 158 businesses participated in this "Shishi home decoration Festival", bringing together furniture, kitchen and bathroom, cabinets, lighting, floors, tiles, doors and windows, bathroom and other first-line brands to jointly benefit consumers, and is committed to letting consumers once again feel the shopping advantages of Shishi home decoration festival in terms of scale, variety, one-stop shopping, money and labor saving through two-day shopping experience. This "Shishi home decoration Festival" is also the first large-scale event of Zhejiang Shishi Trade City in 2017

at the event site, consumers poured in, bustling. Pay attention to brand purchase discounts, come to the scene to draw gifts, place an order on the scene to draw awards, Siemens double door refrigerators, air conditioners, LCD TVs, microwave ovens, all kinds of small household appliances and exquisite gifts continue to feed back to consumers. At the same time, the organizer also provided 6000 golden egg gifts to boost the "stone lion home decoration Festival". This home decoration Festival, many consumers not only bought high-quality and low-cost home building materials, but also won gifts by lottery, which really enjoyed benefits

at the booth of Cohen kitchen appliances, many consumers came to experience the concept of healthy life. In the booth, a number of highly praised products appeared, with fashionable and atmospheric appearance and exquisite and concise design at a glance. Through the explanation and on-site demonstration of the staff of Shangyu Cohen exclusive store and the professional supervision of Jiangsu Zhejiang University Huizhan of Cohen electric appliance, consumers witnessed the actual use effect of the products, became interested in Cohen's products, placed orders one after another, and took the "smoke-free and harmless" green kitchen home

in addition, it is worth mentioning that the "Shishi home decoration Festival" also set up an on-site office area for consumer complaints, and exhibitors publicly promised that the commodities of the event were low-cost and guaranteed for 90 days! During the insurance period, if the price of goods of the same brand, model and specification is found to be higher than the promotion price of the merchant's store. "We guarantee that the home building materials for this event are low-cost, which will benefit the people and allow consumers to enjoy more high-quality services." Chenxuefang, vice president of the District home building materials industry association, said

as one of the top 100 commodity markets in China and a five-star market in Zhejiang Province, Shishi trading city currently ranks third in Zhejiang market size. With the hardbound house repair becoming the development trend of housing sales in the future, the home decoration industry is facing new development opportunities. Shi Haisen, chairman of the board, said that kitchen and bathroom appliances are the mainstream force of the trade city. In line with the purpose of unity and win-win cooperation, our home decoration merchants will work together together and hold four large home decoration festivals every year, striving to build Shishi into the most influential home decoration industry leader in Shangyu and surrounding counties and cities





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