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ABA instrument calibration and calibration ABA calibration and measurement ABA calibration and measurement With the advantages of quantitative technology platform, integrating rich social measurement and testing resources, we are determined to realize our dreams and our customers' dreams in the field of measurement and testing science, and provide customers with accurate, reliable and satisfactory first-class technology with full enthusiasm. As a pioneer of third-party testing and certification services, WorldCom Measurement & Testing Co., Ltd. is a third-party organization integrating testing, calibration, inspection, certification and technical services, providing one-stop solutions nationwide

WorldCom calibration testing was established in Dongguan, Guangdong Province in 2005. In terms of physical properties, it has been recognized by CNAs since October 2005. So far, WorldCom testing has obtained several examination and recognition qualifications. The testing scope covers many fields, such as length, mechanics, optics, geometry, heat, electricity, electromagnetism, physics and chemistry, and the items that can be tested are also gradually expanding. Since its establishment, WorldCom testing has provided technical support for many customers, which has been recognized by the majority of customers, fully reflecting the certification and recognition benefits of "one-time recognition, global access"

I. The equipment administrator shall establish the standing book of measuring instruments and formulate the periodic verification plan of instruments and equipment. 2、 According to the periodic verification plan of instruments and equipment, the equipment manager shall notify the person in charge of the reporting center one week in advance to prepare the relevant verification instruments and meters that will arrive at the verification cycle. According to the measurement regulations and relevant regulations of the superior measurement department: 1 The device shall be calibrated every two years. (2) Later, "CC" will be displayed on the display screen and a beep will sound. (3) Reset to zero after a few seconds to complete the calibration. When external calibration is selected in the menu, the calibration of BP series balance can be carried out according to the following steps: (1) after clearing, press the "cal" key, and the corresponding calibration weight will be displayed on the display screen. For example, (2) put the calibration weight on the weighing plate, and the balance will start calibration. 4.3aeg series can carry out 3-point zigzag test, 4-point zigzag test, sheet metal tensile test, thick plate tensile test, reinforced steel bar tensile test, chain tensile test, fastener test, connecting rod test, change fatigue test, bending torsion composite fatigue test, interactive zigzag fatigue test, CT test, CCT test and gear fatigue test under sinusoidal load. The internal calibration of the balance can be carried out automatically or manually. Select automatic or manual calibration through the "mode" key. When "ACAL of" appears on the display screen, press the "tare" key to establish manual calibration conditions. Manual calibration can be carried out. The calibration methods are as follows: (1) the balance has been in the horizontal state, (2) preheating according to the requirements of the manual. (3) There is nothing on the scale. (4) Close the windshield and set the balance to zero. Vacuum drying oven is a common equipment in the laboratory. After using for a period of time, there will be failures such as out of control temperature. In order to save money, the replacement of domestic temperature control circuit has been successful. Due to the low operating temperature and large temperature control inertia of the vacuum drying oven, the general circuit cannot achieve the temperature control accuracy. In order to save money and ensure the normal operation of the instrument, we tried domestic devices to replace imported devices. After repeated optimization tests, the problem was solved. Because these equipment have an important impact on the product, there will be various factors in the production of the product. For example, the hardness of the product may be insufficient, the length of the product, the quality of the product and other problems may be measured by the instrument, and the accuracy and precision of the instrument can be calibrated. Otherwise, the quality of the product produced is unknown, which is 0.0- 0.8; ±0.4;- 0.2;- 0.5 depends on the instrument. In daily work, the impact of long-term use and infrequent maintenance of the instrument, and the impact of working environment, such as external conditions such as temperature, humidity, dust, etc. the chain rotation hydraulic universal testing machine can be divided into two series according to the number of columns: B-type machine (two columns and two lead screws) and D-type machine (four columns and two lead screws), which will also affect the accuracy of the instrument. The measuring equipment that has an important impact on the enterprise's products or production process must be calibrated, so it is necessary to calibrate the instruments. The enterprise instruments must be calibrated as long as they relate to the product quality. Some instruments with quantitative measurement function must be calibrated. The measuring instruments are classified according to their importance according to the three levels of a, B and C, and strictly managed and uniformly numbered to establish accounts, and periodic verification and patrol calibration are arranged, Ensure that the measuring instruments are always in a qualified and controlled state. Styqjxzx556xq

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