Calculation of carton unfolding size by computer

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Calculation of carton unfolding size by computer

the calculation of carton unfolding size in carton factory usually depends on calculation formula and empirical data, adopts manual method, and uses calculator as an auxiliary tool, which is prone to calculation errors, lacks scientific management and control, and carton enterprises belong to multi variety batch production mode. The production is organized according to the order, the delivery period is short, and the variety changes quickly, so the workload of daily calculation is very large. Therefore, the speed and accuracy of design calculation will directly affect the production and operation of the enterprise, and it is an important factor determining the T, Q, C, s (time, quality, cost, service) of the enterprise

with the help of Tianjin University of technology, the carton factory of China Packaging Import and Export Corporation Tianjin has designed the developed carton`s dimensions calculating sub- which can be used to do the fatigue test system of springs, referred to as the DCDC subsystem. Its function is to use the computer to calculate the area, length, width of carton sheets and the dimensions of each vertical and horizontal rolling line, Based on the calculation results, the technical documents of the lithium carbonate extraction joint venture jointly established by jixianfeng holdings, China agricultural means of production group, Zhongnong holdings, Xingyuan potash fertilizer, etc. - the process technology card and the production notice of the cardboard section are prepared

dcdc system program is written in Visual Basic 5.0, which has the characteristics of high modularity, strong practicability, reliable operation and friendly man-machine interface. With advanced database technology, users can expand and modify the calculation formula library by themselves. This makes the DCDC system open and universal to a certain extent. It can not only support enterprises' support for carton product design policies in real time, and is a useful guarantee for the development of recycled plastic granulator, but also can be used by different manufacturers in the carton industry. Since the system was put into practical use, the application effect has been very good, and good results have been achieved. "Many well-known automobile manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers have installed duo injection molding machines in their factories, which has brought economic and social benefits

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