Calibre5000 glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate

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Shengxi'ao calibre 5000 glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate resin

the asynchronous hard, lightweight and sterilized material of the two oil cylinders is an ideal substitute for metal or unfilled plastics

Beijing, April 12, 2017 - shengxi'ao (nyse: TSE), a global manufacturer of plastics, latex adhesives and synthetic rubber materials, is currently promoting its industry-leading calibre 5000 glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate resin, Actively support China's growing and increasingly sophisticated medical equipment industry

this product line is an ideal alternative to metal or unfilled plastics. The combination of high stiffness, toughness, dimensional stability and biocompatibility makes this resin an ideal material for handles and equipment of various surgical instruments, such as tissue dissectors, skin sutures or face closures

through special manufacturing process, business products and market manager Yangbing of shengxi'ao key consumer products application said: "with the development of the industry towards portability and nursing at the bedside, the demand for smaller and lighter equipment has increased, covering from hand tools to diagnosis, patient monitoring equipment, and even personal wearable devices. We also see that the consumer electronics and medical equipment industries are converging."

"medical equipment manufacturers in China and around the world are facing challenges in design uniqueness and production. Glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate such as shengxiao calibre 5000 series can meet the requirements for lighter and more general materials, and provide the same or better physical properties."

shengxi'ao has served the medical equipment industry for nearly 30 years. Calibre 5000 product series is specially developed for medical applications and can withstand common medical disinfection including ethylene oxide, gamma radiation and electron beam radiation. It also complies with the strict ISO 10993 standard, and its batch traceability and rigorous change process management make it comply with the ISO 13485 standard throughout the product life cycle

about shengxi'ao

shengxi'ao (nyse:tse) is a leading global supplier of material solutions, producing plastics, adhesives and rubber. We are committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to help customers create products that are closely related to us. Shengxi'ao products span many terminal markets and are widely used in various fields, including automobiles, consumer electronics, home appliances, medical treatment, lighting, electrical appliances, carpets, paper and paperboard, building materials and tires. In 2015, the revenue of shengxi'ao was about US $4billion. It has 15 manufacturing bases around the world and more than 2200 employees. For more information, please visit

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