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Suzhou Canglang District instrument and equipment calibration precise positioning

Suzhou Canglang District instrument and equipment calibration precise positioning

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Suzhou Canglang District instrument and equipment calibration precise positioning 2 Self calibration of public textile inspection tools We have developed calibration methods for more than 10 kinds of public textile inspection tools, such as flat car, positioning, calibration degree, calibration pressure, etc. (1) The scale axis and the straight ruler are the public inspection tools used for large and small flat cars in various textile processes. The accuracy of their parameters directly affects the morality of flat cars. In the past, due to the fact that they were not classified into standard management and the reasons of application and storage, most of these public inspection tools were rusted, and most of them were not distorted or deformed. In view of the important technical requirements of this kind of public inspection tools, we have formulated the calibration standards, defined the parallelism and straightness tolerances, and requested the machine maintenance staff to calibrate and protect them on schedule, so that their accuracy meets the requirements of the standards, and have been in good task conditions, ensuring the flat car character of the textile host and the completeness of equipment operation. (2) The top roller pressure dynamometer is a public inspection tool for the flat car of the roving frame and spinning frame. It can confirm the process pressure value. It is an essential measuring instrument to ensure the evenness of sliver, increase the end breakage rate, and improve the yarn and yarn quality

the Institute is a national legal metrological verification institution and metrological certification institution authorized by Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision, and is also a calibration laboratory recognized by China National Accreditation Service for conformity assessment (CNAs). Shoulder the responsibility of providing technical support for the measurement department to carry out comprehensive measurement management; To undertake the net content inspection and metrological arbitration verification of quantitatively packed commodities entrusted by the metrological department; Undertake the establishment and preservation of * * * measurement standards and social public measurement standards within the region, carry out value transmission, carry out compulsory verification and other verification, testing and detection tasks specified by law, draft technical specifications, etc., and provide maintenance and calibration services for the society. Undertake the research and tracking of standards strategy, the research and tracking of technical barriers strategy, standards services at all levels, standardization good behavior services, standardization demonstration area services, standard acquisition services, standards but ultimately need technology to realize the inspection and research of identification labels and other related work entrusted by the standardization department, and provide technical support for its comprehensive management

the instrument and equipment in Canglang District of Suzhou were calibrated and positioned accurately, which led to the change of the pressure in front of the column); However, the pre column pressure of the rapid analysis column (Fig. 2) varies between 10 and 18Mpa (under this condition, the organic content in the mobile phase is high, which reduces the viscosity of the mobile phase to a certain extent). The conventional liquid chromatography can generally provide a pre column pressure of 20MPa. Therefore, this method has strong operability and is easy to realize rapid analysis and detection on the conventional liquid chromatography popularized in the grass-roots laboratories. The experiment of stopping new devices and overhauled electrical equipment is called acceptance test, and its goal is to determine the quality of electrical equipment and its devices and overhauled. The objectives of the acceptance test and the preventive test are different. During the planning and manufacturing process of power equipment, there are inevitably some quality problems, and damage may occur during the installation process, which will form some ambush defects. The power system contains a large number of electrical equipment, and the problems of some electrical equipment will even threaten the safe power supply of the whole system

the Institute has set up ten professional rooms for length, mechanics, thermal engineering, physicochemical, electromagnetic, radio, energy, weighing apparatus and commodity quantity testing, and has more than 530 sets of advanced testing equipment at home and abroad, including fluke5520a, fluke9640a, FLUKE8508A, tektronixdp04104, with a total value of fixed assets of more than 14.6 million yuan. At present, 47 public measurement standards have been established, and more than 600 verification/calibration items can be carried out; Four parameters of the test items for the net content of commodities and three parameters of the test items for the oil and gas recovery system of gas stations authorized by the metrological certification of Guangdong Bureau of quality and technical supervision; More than 250 calibration and testing items have been approved and authorized by China National Accreditation Service for conformity assessment (CNAs), covering the ten measurement disciplines of length, mechanics, temperature, electromagnetism, radio, optics, time and frequency, physics and chemistry, acoustics and ionizing radiation; More than 600 items have been approved by the national accreditation inspection institution for conformity assessment in China, covering 11 fields such as energy measurement. It is a peer institution that can meet the relevant national and international specifications. At present, it has the widest business fields and the largest number of verification/calibration/detection/inspection items in the province

precise positioning of instruments and equipment calibration in Canglang District, Suzhou CNAs certification of Guangzhou instrument calibration Institution: how to check after the instrument calibration is achieved. Many enterprises send their instruments to stop calibration or measurement at intervals every month. When the instrument calibration is realized, how should we review it? Maybe what tasks need to be done in the future? WorldCom instruments has provided many enterprises in China with the services of instrument measurement, instrument calibration and real-time display of water volume curve for the first C919 large passenger plane independently developed by China. During this period, many people have asked us about this achievement and specially sorted it out for everyone. After the instrument verification and instrument calibration are realized, they should be included in the file. After the verification and instrument calibration, new correction values occur, The application or storage personnel shall replace the old correction value with the new correction value in real time, and the correction value stored in the relevant software of the response computer for processing the detection data shall be updated in real time. Verification refers to when the verification, calibration and testing personnel realize the sequence of regulations and scales. The staff who are not involved in the operation shall assess the suspension of all test processes

with the rapid development of science and technology and the acceleration of global economic integration in the past three decades, we have always pursued the goal of adapting to and abiding by the WTO operating rules, providing high-quality services to our valued customers with exquisite technology and scientific management, "customer-centered" is the service concept we have always adhered to, constantly enriching the service content, improving the service means Make unremitting efforts to improve service quality and other aspects! At present, the Institute has established and continuously improved three service platforms, namely, "metrological verification and calibration services", "personnel training and textual research services" and "standardization and certification consulting services", to provide strong technical support for our customers. Relying on the strong talent, technology and business network advantages of the Institute, the consulting service center can provide professional certification consulting, standardization consulting, technical support, training, special equipment use registration certificate agency * * and other services for enterprises. The Institute has a technical team with rich experience, high professional level and strong comprehensive ability, of which the full-time undergraduate and graduate students account for more than 60% of the total number of personnel in the Institute

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