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Calculate the economic account of the cogeneration project

for simple power generation, the power generation income of one ton of fuel is about 582 yuan; The income from heating alone is about 609 yuan; After cogeneration, the total income is about 688 yuan, more than 100 yuan more than the conventional single power generation project

on the day when Anhui Province issued the first Blizzard blue warning this year, we came to the site of the cogeneration project of Guozhen Meijie (Anhui) biomass thermal power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guozhen Meijie") subordinate to Anhui Guozhen Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guozhen ecological technology"). In Fuyang City, Anhui Province, where there is no municipal central heating, the park where the Guozhen Meijie project is located is warm

as one of the 136 demonstration projects of "100 towns", the Guozhen Meijie project has been in stable operation for about one year, Youqi station of biomass cogeneration has named the problem of golf corruption at least 61 times, and it is becoming increasingly apparent

a ton of fuel earns more than 100 yuan

"if the power generation is simple, the power generation capacity of a ton of fuel is about 900 kwh, and the income is about 582 yuan; if the heating is simple, about 3 tons of steam are generated, and the income is about 609 yuan." Referring to the recent operation data, yangzongqi, deputy general manager of Guozhen ecological technology, made an account. "In the case of combined heat and power generation, one ton of fuel can generate 682 kilowatt hours of electricity and 0.9 tons of steam. These two incomes are 623.16 yuan. In addition, the plant ash and organic matter formed after fuel combustion can synthesize soil remediation agents, and one ton of fuel can produce about 0.15 tons of remediation agents, which can generate an income of 65 yuan. The total income of these three items is about 688 yuan, more than 100 yuan more than a conventional single power generation project."

"the economy of the project must be the most concerned by investors." Dinghai, general manager of Guozhen ecological technology, said that taking the 30MW scale as an example, the thermal efficiency of biomass cogeneration units with an average heat load of 20t/h and 30MW is nearly 11% higher than that of pure condensing power plants. "Based on the sales price of 220 yuan/ton of steam and the unit price of fuel calorific value of 0.115 yuan/megacalorie, the annual sales revenue can be increased by about 28.1 million yuan, and the main business profit can be increased by nearly 15million yuan, greatly reducing the pressure on working capital of the enterprise."

while focusing on economic benefits, Ding Hai also said that the scale of biomass cogeneration project should also be determined according to the actual situation. "If the average heat load in the material is about 40t/h, you can choose 1 × 150t/h high temperature and high pressure boiler equipped with 1 × The 30MW condensing extraction steam turbine generator unit is equipped with a 35t/h low parameter biomass boiler, which has a good operation effect. Once the average heating load exceeds 60t/h, select 2 × 130t/h high temperature and high pressure boiler equipped with 1 × 30MW condensate extraction and 1 × 6MW back pressure steam turbine generator unit can also consider low vacuum heating. "

synchronous investment in supporting pipes

while providing steam for industrial enterprises, Guozhen Meijie company also undertakes the task of heating nearby residents and park offices. According to the requirements at the beginning of the establishment of the demonstration project, the supporting heat should be completed simultaneously with the project. After the project is put into operation, a clean heating system such as heating metering, operation monitoring, service and charging should be established and improved. As Anhui Province is not a compulsory heating area, there is a lack of government investment in the construction of heat pipes, and the cost of pipeline construction must be shared by heating enterprises and real estate developers

"when heating the office space of the enterprise, we are responsible for investing in all directors, and the branch pipes within the enclosure of the steam and heating enterprises are invested by the enterprises themselves." Dinghai pointed out that in the civil heating community project, its company adopts the way of cooperation with real estate developers. "We are responsible for all the management and heating equipment projects, and the developer bears part of the costs. The heating facilities have been built at the same time when the house is handed over, and the residents can directly enjoy economic and clean heating services."

yangzongqi said that at present, Guozhen ecological technology has invested more than 24 kilometers in the construction of heating mains in Chengnan New Area of Fuyang City, with a total investment of more than 100million yuan. "If the heating area exceeds 3million square meters in the next three years, the annual heating income is expected to exceed 60million yuan."

in this regard, Ding Hai also pointed out that the distance between cogeneration project and heat load should be fully considered in the process of site selection. "This is especially important in areas where there is no municipal investment."

steady layout of new projects

"as one of the demonstration projects, the successful operation and economic benefits of the Guozhen Meijie project have further established our confidence. The company has three projects listed in the list of demonstration projects, with the exception of Fuyang, Bozhou 1 × The 30MW cogeneration project has also been officially put into operation. Mingguang City 1 × The 30MW project is still under construction. " According to Dinghai, Guozhen ecological technology also has 1 × The 30MW biomass cogeneration project has signed a heat supply franchise agreement with the local government. The preliminary work is under way and has not been listed in the demonstration catalogue. "The company plans to achieve an installed capacity of 150MW, an annual power generation capacity of 1.2 billion kwh, an annual heating capacity of 3.2 million tons and a soil remediation agent of 100000 tons per year by 2020."

according to the national requirements, the "100 cities and towns" biomass cogeneration County clean heating demonstration project should strive to be completed or completed by the end of 2018. The demonstration project should be incorporated into the local work plan for controlling loose coal and clean heating, deployed, implemented and assessed together with "coal to gas" and "coal to electricity"

according to the overall construction and operation of the current project, it is learned that the national energy administration, provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and industry associations are organizing relevant research and statistics

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