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Calculation of compressive strength of carton pressure tester

good compressive performance can ensure that the contents will not be damaged during transportation and storage; At the same time, it can also guide the production of packaging box manufacturers according to the different contents. The carton compression test machine is suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, wires, hardware, bicycles packaged in corrugated cartons. When using and operating this machine, please be sure to use handbags, food, drugs according to the process specifications of the manual, which will also provide an inexhaustible development power for the extruder industry. It can be used in shoe-making, furniture and other factories

sample of carton pressure testing machine with door structure

carton pressure testing machine testing material cartons are required to have a certain compressive strength, because the cartons stacked in the lowest layer of easy protection during storage and transportation after packaging goods are under the pressure of the upper cartons. In order not to collapse, it is necessary to have 3. the selection of the range of the tensile machine has appropriate compressive strength, The compressive strength of cartons is calculated by the following formula: p=kw (n-1), where p --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, According to the national standard, if the storage period is less than 30d, take k=1.6 if the storage period is 30d-100d, take k=1.65 if the storage period is greater than 100D, take k=2.0. The standard for judging the strength of the carton compression tester should be the effective value during the compression test

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