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The application prospect of bidirectional thyristor module in dynamic reactive power compensation

1 the problems existing in the current research

at present, the bidirectional thyristor module still has large unidirectional voltage drop during conduction, large power consumption and heating of the module, so it is necessary to add heat sinks and fans to protect the module from overheating and burning. While improving the power factor of circuit operation and saving electric energy, it also needs to consume some electric energy to heat and dissipate heat in the module. In addition, after years of development, the overcurrent capacity of external modules is also poor

2 application prospect of bidirectional thyristor module in dynamic reactive power compensation

with the development and progress of semiconductor technology, the unidirectional voltage drop of bidirectional thyristor module will be gradually reduced, and the manufacturing cost of the seven tips of double selection universal tension machine to thyristor module is also decreasing step by step. People can use the bidirectional thyristor module with greater abundance as the control pawn, The problem of high power consumption and heat generation of the module will be effectively improved. Coupled with the increasingly mature heat pipe technology, and perhaps the emergence of room temperature superconducting materials in the future, if it is applied to the heat dissipation of the bidirectional thyristor module, there is no need to add another fan for heat dissipation. Its energy-saving effect will be more obvious and prominent


what are the inspection points and maintenance of plastic tensile testing machine before use? This paper makes a preliminary analysis and summary of the function of bidirectional thyristor module in dynamic reactive power compensation, the problems that should be paid attention to in design and application, and the influence of harmonic and Overvoltage on the work of bidirectional thyristor module. From the analysis and summary, we can see that the working state of the bidirectional thyristor module is directly related to the reliable realization of dynamic reactive power compensation. Its power consumption determines the process of realizing dynamic reactive power compensation Energy consumption caused by mechanical clearance and other reasons in order to avoid such a state. Therefore, pursuing the quality of bidirectional thyristor, improving its ability to withstand overvoltage and overcurrent, and reducing its power consumption is an extremely important development direction to further improve the power saving effect of dynamic reactive power compensation technology

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