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The application prospect of PVDC in flexible packaging (II)

III. a new trend worthy of attention

for many years, since the advent of PVDC began in World War II and was initially used in military, it has been covered with a mysterious color, and its founding enterprise Dow Corporation of the United States listed it as non transferable technology. For decades, this product has been tightly blocked in China. At its most arrogant, it only provides terminal products, not even raw materials, that is, it only sells you films, not resins. The successful development of PVDC in our country has broken this technical blockade, making products, technologies and application equipment popular in our country, but its products are still flooded in our market. In recent years, due to the technological progress of China's PVDC processing industry, PVDC coating film began to be exported abroad. Canada, the United States, Europe, South Africa, and even Argentina in South America have purchased goods, and the absorption volume has increased year by year. Only Futong company exported tentatively from 2002, and nearly 100 tons were exported in 2003. PVDC products have always been the high-tech monopoly products of western developed countries. In recent years, why will it change from an exporter to an importer? According to our preliminary analysis, the price advantage is the main one. Due to the rapid development of plastic film in China in recent years, the price can compete with western countries. The second is technological progress. The internal quality of PVDC composite film (mainly coating film) Br in China is by no means inferior to that in developed countries. From this phenomenon, it can be proved that PVDC packaging film, which has been popular in western countries for half a century, taking friction and wear testing machine as an example, is still developing. Why does China doubt its application prospect

IV. PVDC coating film with more potential

according to China's economic status and people's cognitive level, PVDC coating film with low cost, high barrier and low material consumption is more competitive in the field of food and drug flexible packaging. PVDC copolymer latex, the raw material of PVDC coating film, is a kind of polymer aqueous dispersion. There is no solvent volatilization in the coating process, which does not pollute the environment. Rare earth nano materials are added, and its main barrier component VDC (vinylidene chloride) accounts for%. Therefore, its moisture permeability and oxygen permeability are extremely low. In general, coating 3-5g/M 'on the base film such as BOPP, ope, OPA, etc. can achieve high barrier effect, that is, coating 2-31lm on the general plastic film can meet the long-term shelf life, which is more than times more effective than the ordinary base film. The PVDC single film, namely extruded film, has a barrier component of%, and its oxygen permeability is 200-250m1:lm/M2D, while the moisture permeability is 60-80g, LM/M2D. Generally, the film thickness is LM, and because the proportion of PVDC is large and the practical area is relatively small, the packaging cost is bound to be high. However, multi-layer coextrusion PVDC diaphragm is difficult in technology, low in yield and high in cost, so what needs to be checked at present? Now let's explain in detail the matters that need to be checked for the use of the universal tensile strength tester of steel wire rope. It is inferred from the market level that the coated film PVDC is more superior in the flexible packaging industry

v. PVDC market and GDP

from the definition of GDP, it has nothing to do with PVDC, but we can see the clue from the distribution statistics of PVDC by Dow in the 1990s. All economically developed regions have large PVDC production, high consumption, and vice versa. In the Pacific region, including Asia and Australia, its main consumption is still in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and China. At that time, China accounted for 2% of the consumption in the Pacific region, and domestic enterprises were still in a relatively backward stage in terms of product stability, product added value and so on

as Australia and Asia are grouped together, their consumption is roughly the same as that of America and Europe, while that of taro is "0", which indicates that high barrier packaging is related to people's living standards. When people have enough to eat and wear and begin to pursue quality of life, that is, when GDP reaches a certain level, high barrier packaging consumption will emerge as the times require and develop in a timely manner; If people are still struggling for food and clothing, high barrier packaging is a luxury. Therefore, with the improvement of the economic income of our people, the development of high barrier packaging is very considerable

at the same time, it should be pointed out that China's self-developed 10000 ton PVDC production line has been completed, and the variety is also increasing year by year. Due to its foothold in China, its product cost is relatively low. With large-scale production, domestic PVDC packaging materials will further improve their competitiveness

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