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MIT 2013: a year of IOT

as early as 1999, Kevin Ashton pointed out that almost all Internet connections have only 50 gigabytes of information, including words, photos, videos, etc. created by humans with computers

Ashton suggested that this is likely to change in the near future, and computers may generate and collect data without human supervision

the technology required is a relatively simple RFID tag, which is mainly used to track objects. Low-power sensors collect data on temperature and air quality, footstep sound and motion detection, etc. Finally, low-power actuators can switch and turn off some things, such as lights, heating and air conditioning systems, cameras, etc

Ashton called this system IOT and began to cooperate with some companies to start this project

progress seems to have been slow since then. Consumers have always had no deep idea and deep doubts about the remote control of a toaster on the Internet. They claim that the refrigerator can reliably order milk before it runs

but today, zaslavsky and his good friend in Australia's national scientific research institution, the federal scientific and industrial research organization, showed how to enable this new technology. Ashton's imagination gradually matured, and IOT was finally ready to rush into the mainstream

they said, accounting for 3.28%, which is the challenge of creating a new generation. A large amount of data generated by IOT must be captured, analyzed and collected in a timely and relevant way. However, how to deal with this work will not be an easy task

these problems are solved in an innovative way, which fully demonstrates the ability of IOT. For example, every year in Australia, biologists plant 10000 pieces of land until the end of the competition. Li Gong has achieved the success of this competition. Different types of food, and then see which plants grow best under various conditions. These plots are located all over the country. Biologists have created a dream team to win the first national presidential election in Turkey's history. They must monitor the environmental conditions and growth rate of these grains

their solution is to use wireless sensor networks to monitor and send data back to the high-resolution plant omics center in Canberra for experiments

these sensors are currently deployed in just 40 locations and generate about 20000 data points per week. However, the wide adoption of this technology seems to change this test completely. More importantly, various cloud based services are emerging to help manage these types of sensors and the data they generate

other examples abound. Different cities have complete sets of transportation networks, sensors, broadcast bus, tram and train locations, so that these data can be provided to the public

various innovative applications can now provide real-time updates of passengers' location and possible arrival time, and their alighting. Traffic conditions monitored by other sensors enable real-time optimization of traffic flow

another example of IOT, a large manufacturer of experimental machines, is the widely used sensor technology to monitor motion performance. Nike + and Fitbit use sensors to collect relevant training data and send it to a central server. Users can access the data to analyze the performance of athletes. Basically, there is no human intervention in the collection and transmission

then there are emerging applications in daily life. Ninja block is a technology being developed in Australia, which allows anyone to monitor and control their home remotely on the Internet. In March, they plan to deliver the second batch of equipment

the news from zaslavsky is that the era of IOT has arrived and is growing at an alarming rate. If you don't admit that it has affected your lifestyle now, you will admit it soon

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