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Key points of the application of flat die-cutting technology in corrugated boxes

at present, in the manufacturing process of corrugated boxes and corrugated boxes, die-cutting technology is widely used, and there are many kinds of die-cutting methods, such as flat pressing, round pressing, round pressing, etc. In these ways, lithography die-cutting is the most common. Existing procedures die-cutting machine (core machine), flattening automatic die-cutting machine and French Kiel printing die-cutting machine, so that it can quickly and accurately adjust to the set frequency (round flattening) and other advanced equipment. The flat die-cutting board is easy to make and operate. It is used by both large and medium-sized enterprises. The following briefly introduces several aspects that should be paid attention to in the actual production of lithography die-cutting technology

plate die cutting manufacturing process

in selecting die cutting technology and eliminating the shrinkage and wrinkling of ink film; While nano carbon ink has conductivity technology, we must first determine the die-cutting process. At present, there are two kinds of die-cutting plates, one is lithography and the other is circular plate. Here is a brief introduction to the lithographic die-cutting process flow and process procedures

lithographic die-cutting process: die-cutting plate design - drawing - cutting wood plate - installing knives and lines - pasting sponge - proofing - drum line - die-cutting operation

the die cutting process specification mainly includes the effective working range of the die cutting machine, the structural design of the die cutting box, the drawing method, the production of the die cutting plate and the key points of the die cutting production operation. At present, the procedure die-cutting machine (core machine) basically has three specifications: full open, half open and four open. With the development of the packaging machinery industry, large-scale procedure die-cutting equipment exceeding the full open specification has been produced. Enterprises should formulate the die-cutting process according to the actual production and capacity

structural design and drawing of die-cutting box type

design box type and die-cutting layout according to the characteristics of packaging products and the weight and size of packaging contents. First of all, corrugated board materials should be selected reasonably. It should also be considered that the length, width and height of the carton should be in line with a certain proportion in the whole process of commodity circulation, and sometimes even the size suitable for the container should be considered. The structural design of the die-cutting process is relatively complex. In addition to the above problems that should be considered, the type and box type of the die-cutting plate should be determined according to the characteristics of the product and the working capacity of the equipment. When designing the carton type, try to choose the seven carton types confirmed in the "international carton rules". This rule simplifies the packaging instructions for trade transactions and is the world's universal international code

after the type of carton is determined, when drawing the die-cutting layout, it should be drawn according to the carton and carton drawing specified in gb12986-91 carton drawing standard, and the molding temperature should be strictly controlled not to exceed 350 degrees drawing method and dimension annotation method. This requires designers to ensure that the layout size is accurate and standardized. The specifications and handwriting of the unified drawings should be clear and tidy, and the graphics can be used as the model selection and structure expansion drawing for production and manufacturing. If there are special requirements, the stereoscopic drawings should be drawn for explanation

the size of the drawing is in accordance with the manufacturing size standard. The drawing line symbols and drawing methods should be drawn according to the provisions of the carton drawing standard. Here are some common line symbols. (see the table below)

production of die-cutting plate

drawing die-cutting plate is the first key link in the production of die-cutting plate. The drawings designed by computer proofing machine are relatively accurate, which can effectively ensure the size of die-cutting plate. According to the die-cutting layout provided by the designer, the steel knife and steel wire should be inserted into the flat wood plate to complete the technological process of die-cutting plate production

according to the manufacturing size and style of die-cutting layout, you can also use computer proofing and directly apply the drawing to the wood plate. The die-cutting plate with good quality is selected, and the surface is flat and easy to process, so as to ensure the accurate size of the knife and line inserted into the die-cutting plate. The thickness of the die-cutting plate is generally 12 ~ 18mm. The die-cutting single corrugated paper plate can be thicker, and the double corrugated paper plate can be made of thin low carbon steel, cast iron and other metal materials. Generally, some cylindrical specimens can be made

to make a die-cutting plate, first cut the die-cutting plate. Whether manual or laser cutting is used, the cutting line is required to be straight, and the width of the cutting groove is equal to the thickness of the knife and line installed here. In order to ensure that the die-cutting plate does not scatter, loosen and fall off, several "bridges" should be left at appropriate positions. The length of the bridges is determined according to the size of the plate, and the general length is 10mm

cut and bend the steel knife and steel wire into corresponding length and shape in advance according to the position of the cut knife and wire, and insert them into the cutting groove. The dimensional error of products after production and die cutting is less than 0.5mm

after the knife and line are inlaid, elastic sponge adhesive strips should be pasted on both sides of the steel knife, which directly affects the speed and quality of die cutting. The sponge strip should be at least 1mm away from both sides of the die-cutting knife body, and cannot be installed close to the knife body. Otherwise, the sponge strip cannot expand in the direction of the knife body after being pressed, but only in the other direction, which will cause the paper to be pulled on both sides to break. The sponge rubber strip should be slightly higher than the blade by about 1.2mm. Different hardness, size, shape and sponge strip should be selected according to different die cutting speed and products

problems that should be paid attention to and solved in the production operation of flat die cutting

after the processing of the die-cutting plate is completed, the die-cutting plate should be proofed on the die-cutting machine. If there is no problem, it can be officially put into production, but the following problems are easy to occur in the proofing and production process

large area or local impervious. In case of this problem, a layer of thin paper should be padded on the corresponding part of the cutting board or the back of the die-cutting plate to compensate for the height of the die-cutting knife. Do not lay more backing paper and damage the blade due to excessive pressure

local indentation line fracture. Because the paperboard is too dry, the paper is poor, or the use of indentation line is unreasonable, there are often cracks at the indentation. In this case, three measures can be taken. One is to use corrugated paper with a moisture content of 14 ± 2%. The second is to replace the steel wire, especially the die-cutting double corrugated paper version, which can use the "big head wire". Third, stick drum lines on the cutting board, with the depth of 1.2 ~ 1.4mm and the width of 3 ~ 5mm

the position and size of die cutting are not accurate. During the production process, the quality of the products to be cut should be checked at any time. If the size and printing position are not on time, the regular mouth of die cutting should be adjusted in time. If the position of the knife and line deviates due to the number of die cutting, it should be replaced in time

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