A brief analysis of polyester Market in Jiaxing an

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A brief analysis of polyester Market in Shengze Jiaxing and Jiaxing for a week (12..3)

it has been in a weak trend for some time, especially in late December, due to the pressure of spinning inventory, the polyester market price also continued to show a downward posture. Since December 29, due to the strong pull of PTA futures and the slight rise of spot prices, the lowest level of polyester chip market disappeared immediately; In the afternoon of January 2, the sales volume of POY departments and bureaus increased, mainly due to the small stock of downstream textured raw silk, and a small round of replenishment; Therefore, POY basically rose by 100 yuan/t in the morning opening on the 3rd

from the perspective of variety trend, fdy50d/48f and 68d/48f products sell well in the market; The export proportion of DTY 75d/14 to emerging countries will also be greatly increased, and transactions in 4f and 150d/288f winding markets are also good; There are also some products with full extinction and bright light, such as full extinction fdy50d, 66d and bright light 50D, 75D specifications, and DTY bright light 300D and above specifications. While the transaction volume of semi extinction fdy100d and 150D markets is general, among which the market demand of fdy150d/96f is not much; Fdy135d/36f has continued to sell recently, which is mainly driven by the stable production of water jet filament Oxford cloth. Conventional varieties of DTY silk are unsalable, and 75D, 100D and 150D have a decline in actual transactions. Among them, DTY silk 100d/36f Taicang textured silk has a great impact, while DTY silk 75d/144f and 150d/288f winding market transactions are also good. The market quotations of poy50d/48f, 75d/96f and 100d/96f were 11900 yuan/t, 11700 yuan/t and 11500 yuan/t respectively, which were down compared with last week. This week, the production and sales rate of local spinning manufacturers was generally about%, unable to digest the early inventory

although the downstream weaving market has entered the off-season at present, and the downstream market is lighter and lighter during the new year's Day holiday, driven by the rising price of upstream raw materials, the pulling effect of polyester cost is increased. If the price of polyester filament does not follow up, the loss will be reflected. This is obviously that polyester factories cannot locate devices: the landing height can be automatically controlled and accepted by computers, and losses should be avoided, The only solution is to follow up and raise the price of polyester products. It is estimated that the quotation of polyester filament will be increased next week, and there is still room for a small increase in the price of polyester filament in the circulation market

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