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Application prospect of glass fiber in environmental pollution control

glass fiber also has broad application and development prospects in the protection of atmospheric environment and geographical environment

1. Glass fiber products play an important role as filter materials, especially in the filtration of high-temperature gases because this material does not add titanium dioxide, which is difficult to disperse. Mainly in the form of paper, woven fabric, felt (fluffy felt, cotton felt, needled felt, etc.) and film covering, it is used for gas filtration with different pollutant properties and required purification degree. At present, it has been used in large quantities for dust removal and purification of carbon black, cement, metallurgical industry and incineration flue gas. At the same time, it is also used for air filtration of civil air defense projects, anti-virus tools, vehicle air conditioners and air treatment of ultra purification rooms, and can make filtration have the effects of sterilization and odor removal. Recently, glass fiber fabrics that can absorb environmental pollutants have been developed. Based on the chemical stability and high filtration efficiency of glass fiber products, they can replace traditional plastics such as PE, PP, PA, etc. and are also used for the filtration and purification of heavy water, beverages and other liquids, said Pan Feng, a professor at Tsinghua University and head of the national key research and development plan expert group. Superfine glass fiber is also used to produce a series of fine filters for laboratory use

2. Application in geographical environment protection. Glass fiber and organic fiber materials are processed into geotechnical materials, which can be used to prevent soil loss; Spraying glass fiber on the ground can form an elastic porous felt, so as to protect the newly sown farmland from scouring; Glass wool felt can be used as a cut of soilless culture

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