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Application potential of PVDC plastic packaging materials

good packaging materials are very important for food quality assurance. Due to backward technology and poor packaging in the third world countries, nearly 50% of the food is consumed every year, while the consumption in developed countries is only 2% - 10%. At present, the grade of products has been improved. In people's concept, the visual evaluation of commodities mainly depends on its appearance and packaging. Therefore, choosing a good packaging material can not only reflect the corporate image, but also be an important way to show product quality. PVDC coating film is a kind of "green" plastic packaging material with excellent performance, which is worth popularizing widely

pvdc, namely polyvinylidene chloride, is a light yellow, powdery material with high barrier properties. In addition to the general properties of plastics, it also has self extinguishing property, oil resistance, taste retention, excellent moisture-proof, mold proof and other properties, as well as excellent printing and heat sealing properties

pvdc is a kind of packaging material with the best comprehensive barrier performance in plastic packaging in the world. It is not only different from polyvinyl alcohol, which decreases sharply with the increase of moisture absorption, but also different from nylon film, which deteriorates its moisture resistance due to water absorption. Instead, it is a kind of high barrier material with a difference of about 5 ⑵ 0% between the strength of sample printing and die-cutting and that of non printing and die-cutting, and several enterprises are making excellent materials. Experiments show that within 24 hours, under the condition of temperature of 30.8 ℃ and relative humidity of 90%, the air permeability per square meter is less than 26.4mi, while that of nylon is about 40.3mi and that of ethylene is 3875 ~ 13020mi. From the comparison of these figures, it can be seen that the barrier performance of PVDC is several times, dozens of times or even hundreds of times that of ordinary packaging materials. Therefore, packaging food with this material has excellent protective effect on the color, aroma and taste of food. At the same time, it is very effective for moisture prevention of food, which can double the shelf life of food and greatly reduce the deterioration of food caused by seasonal changes and other factors. It is understood that at present, domestic food packaging enterprises use PVDC in a small proportion of actual packaging applications, and the cost of producing this material is not high. Therefore, the application of this material in food packaging is very promising

compared with ordinary PE film, paper, aluminum foil and other packaging, the material consumption of composite packaging using PVDC is much less, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing packaging and waste sources. In view of the current situation that the level of food packaging in China in its youth is still relatively backward, relevant experts pointed out that the promotion and use of PVDC materials can not only improve the grade of packaging products in China, but also reduce the losses caused by product packaging, so as to enhance market competitiveness and establish a new image of the enterprise. It can be predicted that in the future packaging industry, the full and rational use of PVDC coating film will gradually become the mainstream of China's packaging industry, and food consumption will be greatly reduced


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