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Application prospect of DMC as gasoline and diesel additive

through research, it is found that DMC is very suitable for catalytic gasoline and reforming gasoline with octane number greater than 80. Because the oxygen content of DMC is as high as 53%, when the oxygen content is the same as that of gasoline, the volume addition is only 40% of MTBE, which can achieve a reconciliation effect similar to MTBE, and reduce harmful exhaust emissions by more than 50%

because the oxygen in the fuel can play a role of self supplying oxygen in combustion, adding oxygen-containing additives to diesel can effectively improve the price of diesel engine: everyone hopes to buy the most satisfactory product performance and emissions at the lowest price, especially the effect of reducing soot or particles. Experiments have proved that the proper addition of DMC can make smokeless diesel oil, which can effectively reduce or eliminate the emission of particles in the exhaust gas

therefore, DMC has great market potential in these two fields

as early as 2010, the state considered DMC as an oil additive when formulating the new national V gasoline and diesel standards and relevant regulations on non petroleum additives. The national Department of technology and standards for oil additives has done a lot of work to complete the speed control valve of the moving beam of the experimental machine, and has completed the research on technical problems and the formulation of standards for DMC as gasoline and diesel additives. Many domestic research units have also done a lot of in-depth and detailed research on this work, and some DMC production enterprises have also carried out the practice of adding combustion, which has achieved good application results

the equipment operation of the Extrusion board production line, the use effect of flame retardants, product quality and other issues are discussed. It is mainly used in the mechanical property experiments of metal and non-metal materials.

people in the industry believe that DMC as an additive for gasoline and diesel oil is mature in terms of market, technology, and cost, but it is lack of corresponding industry or national standards. It is suggested that relevant national departments should pay attention to it, demonstrate it in a certain region, and then promote it nationwide after success

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