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Shrink packaging brings advantages

browning Harvey company of the United States is an independent company providing filling services for Pepsi. The DIMAC P-45 shrink packaging machine and Descon integrated feeding conveyor recently installed by the company greatly provide the company's production efficiency

"the real motivation for installing new equipment this time is to eliminate the 'shell'." Factory manager Gary Williams said. The "shell" he mentioned refers to the hard plastic box widely used in the transportation of pet soft drink bottles in the supply chain. According to Williams, this kind of plastic box has caused many problems. They should be sent back, cleaned, and replenished if damaged or lost. These are the main problems. It is another problem to allocate storage space for them in the factory. Moreover, if they are not always available, they will reduce the efficiency of production planning

with the installation of DIMAC shrink wrapping machine and integrated conveyor belt, all these headache problems are solved. A 3mil thick film provided by Bemis is now used on all three PET bottles in the factory: 1 L, 2 L and 591 ml

williams said, "this shrink wrapping machine can handle all three sizes of bottles." Machine reliability, timely delivery and cost are the three key factors that prompted him to choose this kind of machine. "2 liter bottles with a running speed of 40 bottles/min are the most common. But when we need to switch to another two sizes of bottles, it takes about two hours to complete this conversion."

shrink packaging can bring many advantages

8 bottles this 2-liter beverage bottle is a package, and each package weighs up to 16KG, which does not need the support of cardboard or corrugated mat at all, which makes Williams very impressed

"we started using a 3.5mil thick film because we were not sure whether it could support such a heavy beverage bottle," he said. "Now we have reduced the film thickness to 3.5mil, and we are trying a 2.75mil thick film."

the stacking process of this kind of beverage bag is almost the same as that of the previous plastic box. Of course, one of the changes is that several changes have been made to the recyclable baffle used for stacking and layering. This kind of shrink film is slippery, which is very different from the hard plastic box. Therefore, the company replaced the original steel baffle with UHMWPE baffle. Integrated packaging machine is the sales agent of DIMAC and Descon in North America. It is responsible for assisting browning Harvey to complete various integration work

since the installation of shrink wrapping machine, although the greatest benefit is the improvement of factory production efficiency, Williams said that consumers can also benefit from it. "In the past, we only focused on whether we could get those hard plastic boxes for free, so we didn't think too much about whether these beverage bottles could remain safe when they arrived at consumers. Such packaging will become more and more in the near future." Williams said

another example

bristol factory was originally built under the guidance of Kraft Foods. It adopts a "flow" design. After the products are baked, they enter four filling and packaging machines. Downstream, a pick-up placer turns the 4-ounce single serving cup upside down, places it in a tray, and shrinks it. Finally, the operator will pack the box manually, and each corrugated box will be packed with four such shrink packaging pallets

however, management is increasingly aware that shrink packaging in Bristol plants is reducing profits. L-bar shrink packaging machine requires too much labor and materials, which further increases the cost of products. "We have five manual L-bar packaging machines and one automatic. The whole process requires too many people, too much time and too much film." Plant manager Peter Fink said

"we have been using shrink wrap for about five years, and the technology we initially used is not suitable," Fink said. "Our growth is gradual, so in order to maintain production, we use the existing packaging equipment and increase time and labor to achieve this." Operational factors affecting the shear strength:

"we have to replace the lead sealing line fourorfive times a day and have to endure a lot of downtime. In addition, due to poor packaging, we have to carry out many repacking operations under stress conditions such as viewpoint. We do not allow any products with poor packaging to leave the factory, because if a multi packaged product is scattered in the store, our customers will complain."

fink said: "we have investigated many different models of L-bar automatic packaging machines, and none of them can run for more than two hours without problems. Even if some people can do it, their packaging quality cannot meet our standards."

when Fink tried to find alternative equipment, harder packaging, a sales agent of Lantech, contacted him and introduced him to try out zl 1. Note ◎ fixture: we recommend to use a 3-point zigzag loading device to evaluate rigid and semi-rigid materials. At the same time, the support span (size) of the sample is a double-step glue injection mechanism with large injection volume related to the thickness of the sample. It was a very new test version of sw-1000 intermittent motion shrink packaging machine at that time. "We agreed to try this shrink wrapping machine," Fink said. "Lantech knows that we have made a lot of attempts on this machine in a short period of time, which also enables us to put forward many improvement suggestions that have finally been adopted."

source: international food processing and packaging business information

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