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As the most frequently used product at home, which can best reflect the texture, the importance of hardware is self-evident. After being silent, intelligent and safe, Yajie hardware has developed antibacterial hardware and redefined the hardware door matching standard

autumn is always a good time for decoration. Generally, large-scale construction projects such as basic decoration are handed over to decoration companies. What they have to do is to choose household appliances, lamps and hardware. The importance of hardware is self-evident. As the most frequently used product at home, which can best reflect the texture, almost everyone will give special treatment when decorating

hardware generally appears on the handles of bathroom, kitchen, wooden doors and cabinets. Water vapor in bathroom and oil stain in kitchen can cause oxidation and corrosion of hardware. Therefore, the standard of selecting a high-quality hardware depends largely on the ability of surface treatment. For consumers, it is a good hardware product that is still bright and new after several years of use

however, with the improvement of living standards, consumers' requirements for quality are becoming more and more refined. The standards in terms of material, style, coating and technology gradually can not meet consumers' quality needs, but pursue a higher realm of life, a factor that can improve life happiness, a sense of expectation that you want to take home at a glance

based on this demand, it took Yajie hardware three years to break through a number of technical difficulties, and finally developed the industry's leading innovative technology - antibacterial

in daily life, hardware products are often in direct contact with the human body, such as faucets, door handles, cabinet handles. Since most of the use scenes are in the kitchen and bathroom, hardware products will inevitably be exposed to a variety of bacteria. Between frequent opening and closing, bacteria will repeatedly cross spread through hand contact, which has potential health hazards

studies have shown that people are exposed to tens of thousands of kinds of bacteria every day, among which locks and door handles are the main ways to get infected with bacteria. British media pointed out that colds, diarrhea and food poisoning triggered by bacteria in contact with hardware accounted for 65% and 50% to 80% respectively. Therefore, antibacterial hardware is of great significance to health protection

as early as 2014, Yajie hardware developed the process of antibacterial hardware. In ancient times, there were silver needles for poison testing, and most of the tableware of emperors and generals were made of silver. It can be seen that the antibacterial effect of silver ions has existed since ancient times

the antibacterial technology principle of Yajie hardware is the inorganic silver circulation sterilization. The Japanese technology with a large number of antibacterial silver ions is specially made antibacterial coating, which uses the contact between silver ions and cell membrane to penetrate into cells and inactivate enzymes in bacteria. After destroying bacteria, silver ions are free again and again, so as to achieve the purpose of inhibiting bacterial reproduction and killing bacteria, making E. coli Staphylococcus aureus and other common bacteria cannot be adsorbed on the surface of hardware products. Under the test conditions, the antibacterial rate of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is as high as 99%

the research and development of antibacterial technology has always been the idea of Yajie hardware. In 2012, at the 14th China Construction Expo, Yajie released antibacterial technology. After three years of research and experiment, it held an antibacterial product technology exchange meeting with Japanese experts. Until 2014, Yajie's first antibacterial product coffee gold antibacterial product was officially put into production. As an advocate of antibacterial technology in the hardware industry, Yajie hardware has set off a round of innovation storm of antibacterial hardware

the key of antibacterial is coating, and the key of coating is technology. As a few hardware manufacturing enterprises with electroplating qualification in China, Yajie's surface treatment ability can be said to be almost in the forefront of the industry, which has also laid a solid foundation for Yajie hardware to develop antibacterial hardware. At present, Yajie hardware has launched antibacterial series

on November 1st, 2018, as a co organizer, Yajie hardware participated in the 6th China wooden door technology conference and published the industry "black technology", which is quiet, intelligent and safe. After that, the next keyword "antibacterial hardware" will redefine the hardware door matching standard and give wooden doors a different separation force. Please look forward to it

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