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[] when the owner is happy to buy a house, he must insure the quality of your newly decorated house and choose a home decoration company suitable for you to avoid disputes in the future. Before decorating their new houses, many householders often find some large home decoration companies in order to ensure the quality or out of the mentality of blind comparison. However, because their homes are only simple decoration, they don't invest much, and the large companies they choose charge high fees and offer naturally high prices, which is often inappropriate. In addition, large companies may not take small projects seriously, and disputes between the two sides are inevitable. In fact, large decoration companies are not necessarily suitable for themselves. Every family will have a basic investment plan and decoration requirements before decorating their new house. Decoration requirements generally include material selection, construction process requirements, design requirements, etc; The decoration investment of each family is also very different. Therefore, we should choose a suitable home decoration company according to our own positioning. In fact, the decoration form of each family is no more than one of the four types: standard, warm, high-end and luxury, so an important method when selecting a home decoration company is to take a seat according to the number. 1. Standard type: common basic decoration. Such as laying bricks on the ground, painting the walls, and making skirting lines, gypsum lines, curtain boxes; The kitchen and bathroom are paved with wall and floor tiles, the roof is suspended with aluminum gusset plates, and a small amount of water and electricity transformation is carried out. This practice is generally about 500 or 600 yuan per square meter. If you believe that your home decoration belongs to this form, you can find twoorthree home decoration companies with strong construction ability. Don't care too much about the company's design ability. When discussing the plan with the company, you should pay attention to fully express your requirements. 2. Warm type: it refers to the addition of a small number of artistic shapes that can partially reflect the design intent on the basis of standard conventional decoration, such as artistic graphic ceiling, characteristic furniture, etc. The cost is usually 600 or 700 yuan per square meter. Some small and medium-sized companies with design ability can generally meet your basic requirements for design, and because the business volume is not too large, it is more than enough to make a satisfactory design for you and carry out quality assurance construction. 3. High end type: if you want to decorate a high-end home, you should pay attention to the main difference between it and warm type in material and workmanship. The cost of high-end home decoration is generally about 1000 yuan per square meter. If your decoration requirements reach this level, you should be very careful in choosing a home decoration company. Because your design and construction requirements are relatively high, so before choosing a home decoration company, you might as well choose some well-known companies, and then visit them after determining the goal. In addition, you must examine the strength and past performance of the company, because small home decoration companies are generally not suitable for you, and it is very necessary to choose companies of medium or above size. 4. Luxury: luxury home decoration is actually a unique art work that fully reflects the owner's style. We should not only have master design, but also choose high-quality materials, and finally have exquisite workmanship. In addition to being similar to most of the requirements of high-end companies, such companies should also pay attention to the purchasing ability of some key materials. Designers must be people with many years of design experience and must have special construction management personnel. Find a regular company with integrity. It is the common choice of most friends to hand over to the decoration company to decorate Aiju, so when we choose, we first need to find a regular company to see whether it has a business license and whether it has the decoration qualification. Secondly, we need to investigate its reputation. If there is no integrity, we can't choose it. Sign the contract carefully. Family decoration contracts are generally divided into design contracts and construction contracts. Before signing the contract, we must carefully read the above terms and clarify the meaning of each term, so as to better safeguard our rights and interests in the future. In the process of decoration, consumers must carefully check and accept the decoration results. At the same time, they also need to put all kinds of materials used in decoration together completely. If there are problems in the future, they can also prevent them from happening. Ask for invoices in time after the decoration is completed. After decoration, consumers must ask the decoration company for invoices in time, and also ask the decoration company to provide warranty, design drawings and other materials





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