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On January 29, just after the traditional Laba Festival, in the center of the waiting hall of Guangzhou south high speed railway station, the huge LED advertising lamp post of Yadan wardrobe is very dazzling. The image of healthy sunshine of Zhang Jiayi, the spokesman of Yadan brand, is extremely gorgeous and eye-catching under the light

on January 29, the traditional Laba Festival just passed, approaching the end of the new year, and the Guangzhou south high speed railway station was crowded, especially busy. In the center of the waiting hall, the huge LED advertising lamp post of Yadan wardrobe is very dazzling. The image of healthy and sunny Zhang Jiayi, the spokesperson of Yadan brand, is extremely gorgeous and eye-catching under the light, attracting tourists from time to time to stop and watch. In this regard, people who know Adan are extremely surprised. Where has the previous "green apple" gone? In the past, the overall impression of Yadan wardrobe was: a big green apple, combined with the advertising language of "fear formaldehyde, choose Yadan Wardrobe". Now, with the arrival of the new year, Yadan has also changed its new image, "apple" has become a film and television superstar Zhang Jiayi, and the advertising language has become: "home safety, peace of mind". "A new image, a new starting point, and a change in image are entirely the needs of the development and growth of Yadan wardrobe. In 2014, we achieved unprecedented achievements." Wang Gang, the director of Yadan wardrobe brand center, told us

according to Yadan wardrobe brand center, the sales performance of Yadan wardrobe in 2014 reached 230million yuan, a record high, with a year-on-year growth rate of 83.7%, becoming one of the fastest growing enterprises of overall customized wardrobe enterprises in 2014. At the same time, Yadan wardrobe dealers made a qualitative breakthrough in both quality and quantity in 2014. In addition, Yadan completed a new feat in May 2014: Yadan Henan Branch laid the foundation, which marked the battle horn of the rearrangement of the industrial structure and logistics network of Yadan wardrobe China officially sounded, and the embryonic form of the three factories' confrontation gradually appeared. The achievements go far beyond this. However, behind the achievements, we see consumers' recognition and support for Yadan brand

Wang Gang, director of Yadan brand center

Yadan wardrobe from the beginning of its establishment in 2003 to now, under the leadership of President Colonel Zhang, the brand has grown from nothing, and the brand image has changed from "apple" to Zhang Jiayi. Under the influence of brand power, Yadan has won more and more followers and supporters. Looking at the 12-year development process of Yadan wardrobe brand, it is not too much to call 2014 the year of "brand butterfly change" of Yadan, In 2014, the brand image of Yadan was comprehensively improved. In the interview, we learned that the key to the qualitative leap of Yadan brand in just one year lies in two points, first of all, thanks to the farsighted strategic deployment and planning of the chairman, Colonel Zhang, and second, thanks to the capable team of Yadan brand center. As Hu Haiwei, the marketing director of Yadan wardrobe, said, under the leadership of Zhang Dong, Yadan brand has achieved leapfrog development, which is inseparable from the efficient team of the brand center, who have made great contributions to the brand growth

Guangzhou South Railway Station brand image spokesperson advertisement

in fact, as early as the beginning of 2014, the banner of Yadan brand development strategy has been opened. "In February, we signed the CCTV" exchange space " Column, to promote Yadan brand to the most high-end and authoritative TV media in China; In April, Yadan zero formaldehyde advertising film was broadcast as promised, which was highly praised by dealers, media and consumers. In July, we dressed up to participate in the Guangzhou Construction Expo, and Yadan brand awareness was further improved. In the same month, the advertisement of Yadan brand high-speed railway was officially launched, which made more consumers know and recognize Yadan; In November, Yadan CCTV's "exchange space" column was renewed until December 2015; In January 2015, Zhang Jiayi signed a contract with Yadan. At the same time, advertisements for Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, bus advertisements in major cities across the country, and high-speed rail advertisements in major cities across the country have been launched. " President Wang briefly described the brand development of Yadan wardrobe in the past year

obviously, Yadan wardrobe has made remarkable achievements in both sales performance and brand promotion in 2014. However, taking copper as a mirror can correct their clothes. Yadan people know that there is still a certain gap compared with the industry leader. What they need to do in 2015 is to work harder and strive for greater achievements. On the road of brand development, we will work together with Zhang Jiayi to create an era of environmentally friendly furniture. Now, the situation has been opened, but there is a long way to go

in the name of brand, it carries the reputation of butterfly change. The new journey of Yadan's branding has just begun




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