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12 days before the opening of the bank one baseball field in Phoenix (the home of the new major league team Diamondbacks in Arizona), a local dairy company, Shamrock farms, anxiously handed a CD to the supplier osio international stretching fixture [grip] company. The CD was provided with a beautiful bottle label design scheme. Shamrock plans to grandly launch its new dulce de Leche milk beverage on the opening day. The beverage is packaged in a portable package and printed with the photos of All-Star left fielder Luis Gonzalez of the Diamondbacks team to commemorate the company's sponsorship of the team. Shamrock hopes to re launch its best-selling milk beverage packaged in disposable mountain top carton on that day. The package is a 12 ounce resealable high-density polyethylene bottle with a size that can cover the lower jaw. It is decorated with a high-quality new lithium-ion power battery with a specific energy of more than 300 watt hours/kg; The specific energy of the system shall reach 260 watt hours/kg and the cost shall be reduced to less than 1 yuan/watt hour, which is a dazzling shrink sleeve label printed with silver ink

gravure label sets enhance product attractiveness

11 days later, this high-grade glossy label was delivered to Shamrock's factory in Phoenix, ready to be affixed to the new bottle, and it was planned to debut with the Diamondbacks baseball team the next day. The bottle made a sensation, which seemed like a home run for Shamrock and its label provider osio

for most processors, it is an amazing feat to complete a new gravure label design for important customers within 12 days. But the more striking thing about this incident is that Kalou, the director of osio public medical equipment project, pointed out in an interview: "At present, our materials are not strong enough. The company not only submitted the labels cleanly in less than two weeks, but also this work was printed on a gravure printing machine on the other side of the earth. This beautiful PVC label was produced in South Korea. It adopted a new strategy of shamrock farms, that is, its milk drinks were shifted from daily necessities to the value-added beverage market with a large space.

since osio 5 years ago Since the company skillfully designed the curve ball for shamrock, Shamrock has become one of the largest shrink sleeve customers of this processor. Based on the amazing new design of Chengyang A and the good response of the market to the disposable high-density polyethylene chocolate milk bottle launched in the Arizona retail market, this dairy company has expanded its portable milk product line, adding ordinary and various flavors of milk, a low-fat cafmocha milk coffee drink, special milk such as eggnog, ordinary and different flavors of cheese, Packed in the proprietary bottle of consolidated container, the 10 color shrink sleeve label is provided by Oiso

"new products have gained great success in both retailers and consumers," recalls Wendy Patterson, product development director of shamrock, "These packages are very eye-catching on the shelves. In Arizona, our milk products are sold very well in the beverage category. This plastic bottle is very convenient, and consumers feel that the milk is cooler and more attractive. This silver package improves the feeling of Iced Milk and stimulates repeated purchases and impulse to buy."

shamrock's beverage and cheese production line currently includes 28 units - 11 12 ounce, 2 16 ounce, 2 20 ounce, 12 32 Ounce varieties - and continues to develop new products and models. Catapult strategic design, a local design company, designed label patterns for beverages and cheese products. "When consumers look at the dairy or beverage area, our products attract their attention, effectively communicate with them the attributes and advantages of the products, and pass on Shamrock's brand image and information to them," Patterson explained. According to Rick Whipple, vice president of marketing of osio, catapult is working closely with osia to further optimize Shamrock's label design by using gravure printing high-quality reproduction Trent a

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