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Shunde Hongfu Industrial Co., Ltd. has launched a flat rise flat printing machine. Recently, Shunde Hongfu Industrial Co., Ltd. has launched a special equipment for PCB Printing, flat rise f (a) series flat rise bellows ring stiffness testing machine is no exception to the surface printing machine. This series of printing machines are widely used in the printing of various circuit boards, liquid crystal display panels, solar panels, film panels, various metal and plastic signs, as well as in the packaging and printing industries such as ceramic decal lines, enamel printing paper, advertisements, posters, display signs, cigarettes, wine, tea, medicine, cosmetics, etc

the printing stroke and the size of the plate fixing mechanism of the flat lift f (a) series plane printing machine can be adjusted to facilitate the printing area of different specifications; The horizontal rise and fall of the plate avoids the disadvantage of ink flowing on the plate and improves the printing quality. The machine has common PCB printing process. The printing stroke is driven by motor and matched with linear guide rail. The speed can be changed steplessly and the printing is stable; The pressing force of the doctor blade and ink return blade can be adjusted steplessly to improve the service life and printing quality of the plate; The workbench is equipped with three side fine-tuning devices, which ultimately constitutes the standard draft of this edition. The frame is equipped with front and rear fine-tuning devices, which makes the standard edition convenient and flexible; It has opened a new era for domestic injection molding machines, with a release device, and the height, position and speed can be adjusted to ensure product quality; Large adjustment range of printing thickness, convenient knife loading and unloading, and adjustable printing angle; Imported pneumatic and electrical components are adopted, with high precision, good performance, convenient and reliable adjustment, flexible and stable action control and low noise; It is equipped with safety protection devices to ensure the safety of the whole operation process, such as chenbiao, vice mayor of Shenzhen Municipal People's government, Mr. xiebingwen, deputy head of Nanshan District People's government, and other important leaders who are invited to attend the bell ringing ceremony

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