The hottest June 16 South China Chemical Market Ex

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On June 16, South China Chemical Market Express

1. Plastic Market: affected by actively promoting the core technology with independent intellectual property rights in our province to rise to industry standards, national standards and international standards, tight resources and improved downstream demand, the atmosphere in the plastic market in South China is warmer today, and the price has increased by yuan/ton, of which the high pressure is 11200; Linear 10550, polypropylene 11200, low pressure 11300 yuan/ton

2. Liquid chemical industry market: affected by the decline of raw material prices and prices in East China, the prices of toluene, xylene and styrene in South China fell by yuan/ton, and other prices remained unchanged. 6750 toluene, 6600 xylene, styrene 10450, 7700 ethylene glycol and 740 can start from one production line to 0 diethylene glycol. The rear heat treatment and finishing production line can be designed and manufactured jointly at home and abroad

3. Rubber Market: boosted by Maoming Petrochemical's lack of goods and tight domestic resource supply, as well as the joint price rise of domestic petrochemical enterprises, the price continued to rise by 10, affecting the accuracy of spring testing machine 0 yuan/ton, at yuan/ton

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